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The Basics of Student Leadership

“You can’t lead others until you lead yourself.”

Featuring Tim Lautzenheiser in action at a live student leadership workshop, this outstanding videotape gives your students “power tools for leadership.”

In his unique presentation style, Tim talks to the students about taking risks, acknowledging people, being committed, setting excellence as the standard and the four parts of self-discipline. Outstanding editing by Mark Matthews highlights main points with reinforcing billboards during the presentation and a summary at the tape’s conclusion.

Designed for a classroom setting, running time is approximately 35 minutes.


The Art of Successful Teaching: A Blend of Content & Context

The Art of Successful Teaching

Tim’s first book.

It’s all here: sections focused on the art of teaching, attitude development,student leadership, thoughts about the controversial world of competition as it relates to music, and a special section for band directors only.

This is a book you will always want to come back to–to read chapter for inspiration,for supportive and friendly advice, or simply to lift your spirits when faced with a seemingly hopeless situation. These are the areas where Tim has made, and continues to make, such a positive impact on so many and where you can be reminded of your unlimited potential as a teacher. Many have overcome adversity in their teaching careers, but it would certainly have been easier with this book in hand!

You are in store for quite an adventure of thought provoking insights as well as personal fulfillment.

The Joy of Inspired Teaching

The Joy of Inspired Teaching

Tim’s second book is about what it takes to become a truly great teacher and the unique role of teachers in developing the potential of their students as well meeting the challenge of the day to day teaching routine.

This very special book touches our core values, tantalizes us with fresh insights and sustains us with the knowledge and courage to become the truly outstanding mentors we aspire to be. Tim brings his insights as a music educator to bear on three major areas: a philosophy of music education, achieving excellence in teaching music, and student leadership.

This is the kind of book you will want to keep at your bedside to read again and again.

Music Advocacy and Student Leadership

Music Advocacy and Student Leadership

Tim Lautzenheiser, one of the most sought-after speakers on education and leadership in the United States, comes to the rescue yet again in his first major release in ten years. He covers music advocacy,student leadership, and teacher responsibilities with insight, detail – and his trademark sense of humor!

The chapters in Music Advocacy and Student Leadership represent some of the best of his published writings and lectures. You won’t want to miss the wealth of information gathered from more than a decade of

experience by one of the foremost experts in the field.This is a book you’ll want to turn to again and again for inspiration and advice.

Keep it within arm’s reach!

Everyday Wisdom for Inspired Teaching

Everyday Wisdom for Inspired Teaching
Tim explores the real world questions, fears, and doubts all outstanding educators have. In the process, he discovers a gold mine of opportunities for teachers to assess their own effectiveness and reach the highest level possible.

Leadership 2

Leadership 2
This practical seqel to “Leadership: Vision, Commitment, Action” is a great companion to any leadership program. This workbook will encourage you to actively pursue and embrace the infinite responsibilities of positive leadership.


Tim developed this practical guide for use in his renowned Student Leadership Workshops. But even if you have never attended his master classes, you will benefit by using this guide for your own growth or for school student leadership seminars.

Recorded Books

The Joy of Inspired Teaching: Audio Cassette

The Joy of Inspired Teaching Recorded Edition

The recorded edition of the above book as narrated by author, Tim Lautzenheiser.

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